Wednesday, December 11, 2013

There You Go Babe...

Assalam everyone. Yeeehhahhh!

Indah kan, bila yang sekian ditunggu sudahpun tiba, haaa... dia sudah mari maaa..

And haven't I promised darling? I tak kan bawa banyak!

~   Sinar

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Love Affair With Clouds

Bismillah, dan assalamu'alaikum.

What do you see in clouds? You can look and dream what you can see there. They resemble many things, it depends. Some are obvious, some need little imaginations. I want to share with you what I have seen in the clouds recently. I have never seen anything beautiful than these before.

On one fine day in September, while riding in Jerudong with my cousin
Picture take from my car 

Subhanallah. Allah Maha Besar, memperlihatkan kekuasaanNya. And look at this one -

On my way back home from work, I saw this 'little lamb' in the sky, and that was just 3 days after 'Aidiladha. The amazing fact about clouds is that they are ever-changing, pretty quick, almost every second. Once you saw a cloud formation at any given moment, that's it, it is unique to that moment only, and once it changes, you will not get it back.

Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me the path to look at some of His fascinating blessings in this world. Allah created us with eyes, ears, hands and feet and intelligence so we can accomplish great things in life. So just one simple question we can ask ourselves, have we thanked Allah enough and appreciate his creations?

Since then, I started inculcating myself to always appreciate and watch clouds. Because I know I can see wonders in there. I have not seen any formation that is specific, after the 2 encounters, but to me every time I see clouds, I see happiness.

Bright shining mass of cotton balls, seen above the padi fields of Kedah
Early morning rise, while Cahaya and me were brisk walking

Heading home
Beautiful twin rainbows di kaki langit, bila senja hampir berlabuh
Awan berarak megah diatas bumbung rumah kami

Take time to appreciate the beauty in the clouds. 

~  Sinar

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eat That Dark Grapes

Grapes are the last food which you may want to consider eating before you sleep. They come in green, black or red. I always prefer the black ones, they are crunchier and taste better. 

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of  freshngreen

Dark coloured grapes contain anti-oxidants that are beneficial to our body. They are said to make you sleep well as they contain the sleep-regulating hormones. They are good for reducing cholestrol, the risk of heart disease and prostate cancer. 

Have grapes in your diet!

~  Sinar

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pink and Red? Yes, Pink and Red

Last Saturday was a happy little shopping day for me. Went to the Yayasan Shopping Complex with cousins and aunties. Had a quick Dim Sum lunch and then did our ronda-ronda. 

I treated myself with a nice pair of red wedges... Something nice to wear for work or jalan-jalan. Cheap, but yet stylish and comfortable.

Hmmm, that's not only it! I bought new lipsticks too. Well, I have always wanted to get shocking colour but too nervous to try them on me. But i just headed for it. Bought them from Face Shop, one dark pink and one dark red colour. They were really gorgeous and my cousin said they looked good on me. Awesome.

What a great day, I had!

Now, let's have a peep into my recipe file. Today I'm sharing with you my Nasi Tomato. It's almost the same as other nasi tomato recipes, but this is my own version, and I call it Nasi Tomato Sinar. Menu ini adalah favourite my Cahaya and permata-permata hati kesayangan kami. Selalunya nasi tomato akan dihidangkan setiap dua minggu sekali, dan akan dihidang bersama paceri nenas dan ayam masak merah. And this is what yang sering kami hidang waktu Hari Raya Open house :-)

Hidangan kegemaran sekeluarga dihujung-hujung minggu


Untuk hidangan 5 - 8 orang:
5 cawan beras Basmathi (Nasi akan jadi cantik jika dicampurkan sedikit dengan beras wangi.
Saya campurkan  1 1/2 cawan beras wangi dengan 3 1/2 cawan beras basmathi)
Air secukupnya - Mesti dilebihkan sedikit kerana beras basmathi agak kering.

Bahan-bahan Tumis:
2 - 3 sudu makan campuran tumis 5 sekawan*
Daun ketumbar
Hirisan buah tomato
1 sudu makan penuh rempah serbuk ketumbar - (Boleh gunakan serbuk kurma sebagai pengganti) 
1/2 - 3/4 cawan sos tomato puri arau tomato sos
Kayu manis & buah pelaga
Garam secukupnya
Serbuk MAGGI secukup rasa (Boleh juga gunakan kiub stok ayam)

Minyak sapi (Ghee) untuk menumis - Saya campurkan minyak jagung dan sedikit minyak sapi (dalam sesudu makan penuh)

Lada hijau - belah empat
Hirisan halus bawang besar
Daun pindan diikat (Jika tiada daun ketumbar)

Campuran tumis 5 sekawan adalah nama yang saya panggil untuk bahan tumis dalam masakan harian saya - Bawang besar, bawang merah, bawang putih, halia dan serai yang telah dihiris dan diblender halus.

Saya memasak menggunakan rice cooker, lebih mudah. Panaskan minyak yang dicampur dengan minyak sapi. Bila sudah panas, tumiskan semua bahan-bahan tumis sambil digaul rata. Masukkan lada hijau, hirisan bawang besar dan daun pandan/daun ketumbar. Gaul lagi hingga tumisan naik bau dan sebati elok rupanya.

Cuci beras dengan bersih, dan toskan.

Masukkan beras yang sudah dicuci, gaul rata. Masukkan air - sukatan airnya: sama dengan jumlah beras (ikut cawan) tapi perlu ditambah lagi sikit airnya, supaya nasi tidak mengering. Biarkan hingga masak nasi tomatonya. Titis dengan sedikit air mawar jika suka. Hias dengan kismis dan gajus goreng, hidangkan.

Selamat Mencuba!

~  Sinar

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Every Second, Every Minute

I miss you, Cahaya.
I miss you, Kokomi.
I miss you, Abang Luq.
I miss you, Baby Fatima.

They are in Kedah for cousin Aiman's wedding.

Kids enjoying the sleeping cabin on journey to Kedah by train

Woohh tunjuk skill...

Woittt! Jangan lupa mummy ngan Maya, hangpa jangan buat leceh no..

~  Sinar

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hooray, Hooray ... It's A Holi-Holiday!

Yayyy….it’s already mid-November! Then come December! Holiday season for me and my family. Time to spend our time together at our Malaysian home. A home is always a home, a place where we always love to be *biiiiiig grin*

As Madonna says in her song -

"You can turn this world around.  And bring back all of those happy days.  Put your troubles down.  It's time to celebrate.  Let love shine.  And we will find.  A way to come together.  And make things better.  We need a holiday!"

Yes indeed Madonna, we need it. We have the all-inclusive holiday feelings every time December comes. I don’t want to write out the plan. I pray that everything goes well, inn syaa Allah. Ya Allah, tunaikanlah segala hajat-hajat kami sekeluarga, dan permudahkanlah segala urusan kami, Aamiin Ya Rabb. 

My 3 babies - Kaka, Luq and Fatima - flew off first with their Ayah. 


Maya and I will be joining soon. And the best part is the 2 neneks will be coming too ... Yoohooo! Now let's enjoy this song by Boney M ... And meanwhile, I'm also sharing a simple fruit cocktail jelly recipe - My family's all-time favourite dessert!

Mummy Sinar’s Fruit Cocktail Jelly

Here's the recipe:

1 packet of  jelly powder (I used the Red Man brand - white)
Water mixed with fresh milk to make 1 litre of liquid
60g sugar (adjust quantity to your taste)
2 pandan leaves, tied into a knot
1 can of fruit cocktail
Few drops of vanilla essence

Dissolve jelly powder in the liquid in a pot. Add in the sugar, pandan leaves and bring to boil. Do not leave it long, just one or two boils will do. Remove pot from heat, then pour in the fruit cocktail. Mix the mixture lightly.  Pour into a mould or in a container and leave to cool before refrigerating until chilled.

Serve chilled.

Selamat mencuba!

~  Sinar  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Mystifying Nature


Amazing, and you can’t explain, how nature has always been the source of inspirations for many.  I just love looking at nature. Nature teaches us how to look at things differently.

He's not listening to you Cahaya, he's too shy for the camera!

 That was a unique 'thing' which you can get from nature. I took that picture of my Cahaya with a very cute looking monkey kept in the safari of the A'famosa Resort in Malacca where we went to for holiday last year.  

And, here are nice pictures of beautiful Mount Dandenong in Melbourne which our eldest daughter Kaka took.


"The earth has music for those who listen" - A Philosopher

~   Sinar